Frequently Asked Questions

What is SWIS?

SWIS stands for Swansea Wireless Internet Service. It is the aim of the SWIS to provide wireless network access to members of the university on the campus and at the university halls of residence. The primary service provided by SWIS is called eduroam. Eduroam allows people to connect to the wireless network using the latest authenticaiton and security technology.

What areas of campus are covered by Wireless?

All buildings and halls of residence (including the student village and Beck house) have wireless coverage.

How do I get access to the SWIS?

You need to follow the instructions found Here. You also need to ensure that your computer meets the hardware requirements set out in the question below.

Is SWIS a free service?

Yes, there is no charge for use of the Wireless Network on campus.

Who runs SWIS?

The SWIS is run by Library and Information Services.

What hardware is required for access to SWIS?

The hardware requirements of SWIS are:

* A Computer/laptop running Windows Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Apple Mac Or a Mobile with 802.1x support.
* A 802.11a/g Wireless Network Card (Wifi-Certified)

What software is required?

If you have a Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Apple Mac OSX computer then no additional software to the OS is required for access to the SWIS. It is highly recommended that you have Antivirus Software installed on your computer.

What limitations are there on use?

Unfortunately, certain restrictions and limitations have to be in place in regard to access to the Internet from the Wireless. These limitations are necessary for the security of the network and of all users of the University Network. Limitations you need be aware of are:
* Incoming ports are all blocked by default, with only specific ones open.
* Outgoing port 25 (smtp) is blocked. This is to stop mail spammers.
* Some games may not work from inside the university network.

I have a new Wireless Card, what do I do to register it?

You need to register your new wireless card using the wireless registration form again. Register as normal but ensure you enter the MAC Address of the new wireless card.

Where can I get Help?

If you require further help or assistance, you can fill in the Report a Problem Form to advise of any problem you have with configuring your computer, issues with signal strength or wireless reception. You can also visit the Student IT Support desk in the Library and Information Centre.

Can I use P2P software on SWIS?

The use of P2P software such as Kazaa, Bit Torrent and EDonkey is strictly prohibited on the University Network and is in breach of the University Computing Regulations. The use of such software will result in your account being banned from use of SWIS for 1 month, or permanently if caught re-offending.

Can I Download X file from Y site?

As long as downloaded material is not in breach of the University Computing Regulations then you can download files.

Is traffic I send over the eduroam wireless network secure?

The eduroam wireless network makes use of WPA encryption, so all traffic you send over the eduroam wireless network is secure and is not visible to anyone sniffing the wireless traffic.

Can people sniff my passwords and data?

No, as a result of the eduroam connection using encryption, all traffic across the Wireless is encrypted, and can not be deciphered if sniffed.

Why do updates for [an application] not work?

Some update software uses HTTP over port 80 to get updates. This includes Adaware. To get updates to work you must change the settings for your update software to use a web proxy server on port 3128