XBOX 360 Wireless Instructions

How to connect your XBOX 360 to swis-lite

SWIS-Lite is a supplimentary wireless network designed with gaming devices in mind. It complements the Eduroam wireless network, and does not replace it. SWIS-Lite should be used for games consoles and other devices which do not have 802.1X support. You must register your gaming device before you can use the network.

How to configure XBOX 360 Video

Make sure you have registered before you follow these instructions.

Configure Swis-lite

The first thing you need to do is configure the swis-lite wireless connection. To do this follow these steps:
1. Go to Settings and select System Settings.
2. When asked if you want to configure a wireless adapter, select yes.
3. You will then be taken to the Network Settings screen.
4. Now click Configure Network.
5. From the Basic Settings option select Wireless Mode and then click Scan For Networks.
6. You will see swis-lite in the list, select it.
7. Now enter the password provided to you in the registration email.
8. You will then be taken back to the basic settings screen and you should see the IP Address change to a 137.44.x.x address.
9. Now go back one screen to the Network Settings screen and select Test XBOX Live Connection.
10. The test should complete with all status saying connected.
11. You are now connected and online.