eduroam Windows 8 Phone Instructions

How to connect your windows 8 phone to eduroam

Below are instructions on how to connect your Windows 8 phone to the eduroam wireless network. Please ensure you are reading these instructions from the SwanseaUni-setup wireless network

Manual Configuration

  1. First connect to the SwanseaUni-setup wireless network.
  2. On your phone, open Internet Explorer and navigate to:
  3. Tap Install to install the University’s Wireless CA Certificate.
  4. Return to the home screen and swipe to the Settings menu
  5. Choose Wi-Fi
  6. Ensure Wi-Fi networking is set to On
  7. Choose eduroam from the list of available networks
  8. Enter your Swansea University email address. For example:
  9. Enter your Swansea University email password
  10. Set Validate server certificate to On.
  11. Choose Swansea University Certificate Authority from the list
  12. Choose Done
  13. Your phone should now connect to eduroam