Eduroam Windows 7 Phone Instructions

How to connect your windows 7 phone to Eduroam

Below are instructions on how to connect your Windows 7 phone to the Eduroam wireless network. Please ensure you are reading these instructions from the SwanseaUni-setup wireless network

Manual Configuration

1. On your phone, connect to SwaneaUni-setup then browse to the instructions page and look for the Certificate sections.
2. Click on the certificate link ( “Tap” to open the file when prompted. Then click Install to install the University’s Root CA Certificate
3. On the home screen, choose settings.
4. Choose WLAN
5. Ensure Wi-Fi Networking is set to On
6. Choose eduroam from the list of available networks
7. Enter your Swansea username (replace 123456 with your student number or username)
8. Enter your normal Swansea email password
9. Choose Finish
10. Your phone should now connect to eduroam