Amazon Kindle Wireless Instructions

How to connect your Kindle to eduroam

The wireless service enables members of the University to connect to the University network and the Internet using their own computers and devices at various locations around the University and Halls of residence. This guide contains instructions to connect a computer to the eduroam wireless service.

  1. Press the home button to return to the home screen.
  2. Tap Menu.
  3. Tap Turn On Wireless from the list of options.
  4. Again, tap Menu.
  5. Tap Settings.
  6. Tap Wi-Fi Networks.
  7. Tap eduroam.
  8. Enter your university User Name, followed by e.g. (for students) (for staff).
    Then your university Password, this is the same as you use to access other services, such as mail intranet, blackboard etc.
    Then tap Connect.
  9. The words Connecting and then Connected will briefly appear at the top of the screen. You should now be connected to eduroam.