The eduroam(UK) roaming service is an initiative designed to provide roaming network access between participant sites in th e UK education and research sectors for staff and students. eduroam(UK) is a member of the international eduroam federation, which extend s this facility world-wide.

To members of Swansea University this means you can log into wireless networks at many other institutions around the world usin g your eduroam enabled devices and Swansea username/password.

Swansea University is a participating member of the eduroam(UK) roaming service which allows Swansea staff and students to make use of eduroam at other participating institutions, similarly, visitors from participating institutions are welcome to use our eduroam w ireless network.

There are two types of users of the eduroam(UK) roaming service, visiting users and home users. If you are a member of Swansea Univer sity intending to visit other institutions you are a Home user and need to see the home user section below. If you are a member of another institution that is visiting Swansea University you are a Visiting user and need to view the visiting user section.

Home Users

If you are a Swansea University member of Staff or a Student then you may have already used our eduroam wireless network. If th is is the case, then your device is already configured and ready to be used in other institutions that are also participating members.

Please click this link to see a list of memb er institutions of eduroam(UK)
Click here for more details on the eduroam(UK) roaming service.< br>

If you have not used the Swansea University eduroam network then you will need to register here and then follow the setup instructions. It is important that you get eduroam working at Swansea University bef ore you try to use it anywhere else. If you need help connecting when you are away from Swansea you will not be provided support by the institution you are visiting, which is why it is important you get eduroam working before you leave.

If you are planning to visit an eduroam enabled institution please save (or print) a copy of this pamphlet and keep it with you on your t rip: Support pamphlet f or travelling users.

For details of the eduroam service beyond the UK and across the world, please visit the eduroam federati on website.

Before using eduroam, you must agree to the edur oam(UK) Policy and the Swansea University AUP

Visiting Users

Here at Swansea University we offer a Tier 2 Janet Roaming Service connection (WPA2/AES on the eduroam wireless network) for you t o use.
Swansea University's eduroam coverage is extensive, covering campus and beyond.
Full coverage is provided on the Singleton Campus, including halls of residence; the off campus halls at Hendrefoelan and Beck House are also enabled.
Other university sites with eduroam include Trinity St David's Park, the University Sports and Recreation Centre and the Wales National P ool.

Due to an excellent partnership with Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board we also have extensive coverage in their hospitals. We also have a partnership with local business to provide eduroam at LC2 (the local leisure centre) and the 360 Beach & Watersports centr e.

Visiting users are reminded to ensure that your device is configured and working for use on eduroam at your own institution before travel ling. If you require support please contact your home institution's IT Helpdesk.