Eduroam iPhone Manual Instructions

How to connect your iPhone to Eduroam

Below are instructions on how to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the Eduroam wireless network.
You must register the iPhone first. To do this connect to Swansea Uni-setup wifi network. Open web browser and go to and fill out registration form.

1. Turn on the Wireless and you will be presented with a list of wireless networks.

2. Click on the eduroam option in the list.
3. You will now be asked for the username and password.

4. Enter your username as your email address. e.g.
5. Enter your email password.
6. You will now be presented with our certificate.

7. Click on Accept
8. You should now see the list of wireless networks with eduroam ticked.
9. This means you are now connected to eduroam.

10. Now click on the blue circle with a white chevron inside which is next to eduroam.
11. You shoudl now see a screen with a ip begining with 137.44..

12. You are now connected.

test setup link