Malware Advice

So many different threats

There are many threats out there on the internet these days, but while at Swansea University you will be protected against a number of incomming attacks by our firewall and security measures. However, there are other ways of getting infected or having the security of your machine compromised that the university network administrators can not protect you against.

Websites which trick you, or unpatched/out-of-date software is the main way you will risk being infected while on the university network. The best way to protect against this is to reguarly update software and run anti-virus/spyware software such as Norton Internet Security. Norton is available from the IT Support desk free to all students and staff.

Top tips to avoid Malware

Here are some tips to follow in order to improve your chances of staying clean of malware:

Think you're infected?

If you fear you may be infected with malware disconnect your machine from the netowrk and use another computer to contact IT Support. Or visit the IT Support Desk in the Library.