Working Off Campus?

Connecting to University Service Securely

If you are working off campus (i.e not at a university owned property) then you may need to access information such as your university email, files or computers. In order to do this securly you should always connect to the university over our VPN. THis will encrypt the data you send and give you access to local resources. YOu can get information on how to register and configure your laptop for the VPN by visiting

Connecting to Wireless Networks off campus

If you need to connect to a wireless hotspot somwhere to get internet access you need to be mindfull of a few things. If the wireless is called eduroam then the institution you are visiting is part of the Janet Roaming Serive like Swansea and you will be able to log onto that wireless network using the Swansea University wireless configuration you already have. (If you have not registered for wireless, please see

If the wireless is not a eduroam wireless then you need to connect to it then immediatly connect to the VPN. This will encrypt your data and stop any evil hotspots from listening to your data.


If you have important data you do not want people who some how gain access to it to read, you need to encrypt it.
Here are some tips to help you secure data through encryption: