Blackberry Curve 8520 Instructions

How to connect a Blackberry Curve 8520 phone computer to the Eduroam service

The wireless service enables members of the University to connect to the University network and the Internet using their own computers and devices at various locations around the University and Halls of residence. This guide contains instructions to connect a computer to the eduroam wireless service.

Step 1 - Registration

You must first register the phone for use on the network. You may need to access the registration pages from a seperate device that has internet access.
As part of the registration process you need to provide the devices MAC-Address.

To Get the Mac Address from your Blackberry:
1. At the Home screen, press the Blackberry/Menu key.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Status, You should now be able to view WLAN MAC address near the bottom of this screen.

Install the Swansea Certificate

The Eduroam wireless network at Swansea University uses a self-signed certificate as part of the authentication process. You must have this installed on your device to connect to eduroam securly.
Different versions of Blackberry devices use different versions of this certificate. Please try one of the links below, save the certificate to the device.
You can then go to the home menu screen, select 'Media', the get up the options menu and select 'Explore'. You should then browse to the location where you saved the certificate. If you select the certificate file, then get up the options again there should be a 'Import Certificate' option. Once it is imported, you can carry on with these instructions.

Step 2 - Configure Eduroam

To Configure Eduroam:
1. At the Home screen, press the Blackberry/Menu button.
2. Select Manage Connections (pictured Below)

3. Select Set Up Wi-Fi Network.
4. Select Scan For Networks.
5. Highlight and select eduroam (WPA2-Enterprise) not eduroam-Setup (pictured below).

6. In the Wi-fi Security window make sure Security Type (at the top right corner of the screen) is set to PEAP.
7. Enter your username, if you are a student this is your student number followed by, if you are a member of staff it is your full Swansea University email address.
8. Carefully enter your password, this is the same password associated with your Swansea University email account.
9. Select CA certificate and then select Swansea University Certificate Authority.
10. Make sure Inner Link Security is set to Auto or EAP-MS-CHAP v2.
11. Leave Token as None Selected.
12. Leave both Server Subject and Server SAN empty.

13. Select Save, ensure the Profile Name is eduroam then select Next and then Finish.
14. You should now connect to Eduroam, however there are a few final things to check.
15. Go back to Manage Connections (as in step 2).
16. Select Wi-Fi Options.
* If eduroam-setup is present in this window please highlight it, press the Blackberry/Menu button and select Delete. If eduroam-setup is not present please ignore this step and move on.
17. Select eduroam and press the Blackberry/Menu button.
18. Select Edit from the menu.
19. On the Wi-Fi Profile screen scroll to the bottom of the page and ensure the box Allow Inter-Access Point Handover is ticked (pictured below).

20. Finally press the Blackberry/Menu button and select save to complete the configuration.

All settings should now be saved in the blackberry for future use.