eduroam Android 4.3+ Instructions

How to connect your Android (version 4.3+ or 5) based device to eduroam

Below are instructions on how to connect your AndroidOS version 4.3/5 based device to the eduroam wireless network using the eduroamCAT app.

Getting the eduroamCAT app

1. First you must register your android device on the registration page of this site.
2. You need to install the eduroamCAT app. This is available from the Google Play Store:
You can get this through the SwanseaUni-setup network. If there is a problem, you may need network access (3g/4g) to get the app.

Get the EAP-Config file for the app

3. Once the app is intalled, you next need to locate the config file. This can be found here:
Click this link from your android device, or email the file to a email account on the android device.

4. Once you load the config file, you next need to click Install and agree to the terms.

5. Then click on the Connect tab and enter your username and password.

Your username is your userversity email address, in the format of
Your password is your email password.

6. Then click the Install button to connect.

7. Use the Status sectino to confirm you are connected.