University Email & Calendar on Android

You can set your android device to connect to the university email, which will then sync your email and calendar to your device.
To do so you will need to follow these instructions:
1. Load up the Mail app.

2. You will be prompted to create a new Exchange (Active sync) account.
Enter your EMail address and university email password then click 'Manual setup':

3. Fill in the following:

4. For Domain\Username enter your student number 123456
5. Your password is your email/wireless/blackboard password.
7. The server is
8. Ensure the Use SSL and Accept all SSL certificates tick boxes are ticked.
9. Click Next.

10. You will be asked to accept security settings and to allow the exchange administrator control of some settings on android.
If you are unhappy with these settings, then mail/calendar will not work.
11. Leave all the default settings on Account Options and click Next.

12. Click Next to complete setup.

13. You may be asked to update the security settings again. Click OK.

14. You need to accept and activate the device administration to continue setup.

15. Setup is now complete and University email will appear in the Mail app.
If you click the Calendar app you should see your student calendar has sync to your device.