Eduroam Android 4.x Instructions

How to connect your Android 4 based device to Eduroam

Below are instructions on how to connect your AndroidOS version 4 (ice cream sandwich) based device to the Eduroam wireless network. There are different version of Android available, but wireless is similar on all the current releases.

Please note that some mobile phone vendors have removed some options and protocols from their devices which results in them not being configurable for eduroam. If you can not see the options described on this page, your device may not work with eduroam.

How to register and configure Android Video


1. First you must register.
2. You should also install the Swansea University Certificate Authority. This can be found on the instructions page, or here:
Swansea University Certificate - CRT (PEM format)
Name the certificate Swansea and install it by downloding it and clicking on the download icon in your task bar.

Configure the eduroam network

1. Click on the all apps icon and load the Settings app.

2. Click on the WiFi option and ensure WiFi is on.
3. Now click on eduroam and you will be presented with a menu to input settings.

4. Set the EAP method to PEAP.
5. Set the Phase-2 authentication to MSCHAPv2.
6. If you installed the certificate earlier, you can now select it from the list in CA certificate
7. Enter your username which is your swansea university email address into the Identity and Anonymous Identity box.
8. Now enter your password.
9. Then click on connect.

10. You should now see the eduroam status change to first Obtaining address and the finally connected.

11. You are now connected.