Welcome to the Swansea Wireless Internet Service (Eduroam)

About SWIS

The Swansea Wireless Internet Service (SWIS) allows Students, Staff and Guests to connect wireless enabled devices to the network at the main campus and also in all the Halls of Residence. All areas of the main campus are now wireless enabled including the on-campus Halls, the Hendrefoelan Student Village and Beck House. The wireless network requires a 802.11g enabled wireless adapter and a Supported Operating System.

About Eduroam

Eduroam is a wireless network service for laptops/PC's/Mobile Phones, which makes use of more secure and efficient technologies than the SWIS-Console service. The service uses WPA/WPA2 encryption and 802.1x authentication. Eduroam supports a wide range of devices, and should be used by everything except gaming devices.

Quick Setup

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Registration Help Video

If you are a Cardiff Medical Student please click here.

Important Information

There is some important information you should read before you make use of the wiress network. It is important that you have a supported operating system; you can see the list of supported operating systems by clicking here. It is also very important that your operating system is up to date and protected by antivirus software. We have a guide to help you with securing your operting system which is available here. You may at some point require help. If you do require help or assistance, you can fill in the Report a problem form to advise us of any problem you have with configuring your computer, issues with signal strength or wireless reception.